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Web/App Design & SEOWeb/App Design & SEO

Web Design & Development


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App Design & Development

General SOP

Your website or app is broken down into two phases, regardless of how many pages you need.

Phase I

We design a mockup of your website based on your specifications and our expertise. A mockup is a visual representation of what the final website will look like. You have unlimited revisions during this phase.

Phase II

Once Phase I is approved, we send to production and our developers build out your site on the world wide web. We add any functionality by way of coding or connecting/integrating backend software. You have unlimited revisions during this phase.

Turnaround times are right around 3-4 weeks per phase, depending on the number of pages and complexity of the design, as well as how many team members you procure.  This is a total of 8 weeks for any single app or website project. The following will give you an idea of how long your website or landing pages will take to complete:

  • Each page takes approximately 2-3 hours to design
  • Each page takes approximately 4-5 hours to develop
  • Allow 8 hours to your Project Manager & Creative Director for brainstorming/researching and delegating
  • Allow 2-3 hours for revisions
  • Allow 3 hours per page to your Content Copywriter

Once your website or app is complete, we begin ongoing SEO and lead generation, blog writing, and updates to the design, etc.

What you can expect of Your Team

The Do's

  • Create a responsive website across 7 different breakpoints
  • Design and publish your app to Apple & Google stores
  • Turn your current website into an app
  • Design/implement all website imagery/UI
  • Create onsite brand style guide
  • Create custom mockups for future ideas
  • Design sales and landing pages
  • Develop custom web functions through coding
  • Design fluid interactions
  • Add/edit onsite SEO
  • SEO copywriting
  • Funnel design (best when paired with Marketing & Reputation)
  • Membership/dashboard/portal builds
  • Connect/integrate other apps/software
  • Add/update sitemap
  • Hosting/domain setup
  • Add/update tracking pixels
  • Update website incompatibilities and responsiveness
  • Submit site to Google Search Console
  • Setup up Google Analytics
  • Fix any web design/hosting issues
  • Ongoing updates to site
  • Implement payment processing and providers
  • Add products to eCommerce site
  • Add products to online marketplaces
  • Installing and configuring apps to Shopify store
  • Blog/article writing (SEO/CTA-centric)
  • Design and implement opt-in forms, surveys, etc.
  • Stay-up-to-date on and include website accessibility, language/currency preferences, and data preferences
  • Design and deploy custom CRM
  • Maintain and optimize favorable website speeds and best practices
  • Link and list building
  • Premium listings and directory submissions

The Don'ts

  • Design on WordPress or any other platform not listed as our Partner (Learn why)
  • Provide white label or resell rights (optional upgrade for these licenses)
  • Integrate Web3
  • Any tasks listed in other service types
Frequently Asked Questions

We answer your burning Queries...

Are the websites and apps hosted by your company?

No. Depending on the platform, its usage rights, and the technical upkeep involved, you will need to host the website/app in your own account and send us a login so we can manage it with you, or we'll host your website or app in our agency account and send you a login (oftentimes saving you money). In no way are you tied down to us, however. You can take your website or app to any host that accepts imported code.

How many websites can I deploy a month?

This depends on how many pages you need per website. On average, we can get 10-20 pages designed in one month and then we take another month to develop it before launch. If the website only has 1-5 pages, we can pump out 4+ websites a month.

What if I don't like the designs?

No worries! We will dig deeper and revise until we catch your vision properly.

Can I change plans or cancel my plan?

You can change plans at any time or cancel at any time. Just keep in mind that projects that are not complete will need to be completed before the next billing cycle, or another payment will need to be made. Likewise, for more significant projects, you'll want to give us a heads up (generally a 2-week notice). This ensures that your project manager can allot time to closing out current projects, making sure you are trained to take the projects over, and transfer any assets, hosting, etc. This is not mandatory, but it is beneficial to the operation of your business without us.

If you just need to take an extended break for an unknown amount of time, you can pause your plan for a low monthly fee and we'll continue hosting your projects. Be sure to pause closer to renewal, as this type of break does not pick up where you left off.

Can I resell the CRM to others?

All Elite Members have the option of reselling the system to anyone.

What happens if I don't use all my hours each week?

Because we are obsessed with time management and getting things done, unused hours (due to not having any projects in the queue) are lost at the end of each week, so be sure to put us to work! If, for any reason, your hours are not utilized because of an issue on our end (like vacations, holidays, sick days, technical issues etc.), we will let you know and add those unused hours to the next week.

If you know, ahead of time, that you won't have any work for us for at least a week, you can pause your account and then pick up where you left off upon your return. You won't lose any money or hours this way.

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