Marketing & Reputation

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Marketing & ReputationMarketing & Reputation

Ad Management

Cross Platform Campaign Development

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KPI Reporting

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Marketing Strategy

Email/SMS Marketing

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Digital Advertising

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Site Messaging

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Content Marketing

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Lead Generation

Lead Gen Site

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Social & Reputation Management

Online Reputation

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Social Media Management

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Public Relations

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General SOP

After onboarding and discussion of your project and it's goals, we will come back to you, within 72 hours, with your complete funnel strategy, ad budget calculator, and projected costs and ROI on each segment of your funnel. Once the budget is approved, we implement the strategy across platforms of your choosing. We then monitor and report on campaigns, providing feedback and suggestions in terms anyone on your team can understand.

What you can expect of Your Team

The Do's

  • Deploy HTML 5 Ads
  • Funnel design, implementation, and automation
  • Mobile ad design versions
  • Campaign performance reporting
  • Write compelling ad copy
  • Develop targeting and retargeting strategy to bring ad costs down and increase conversions
  • Develop/redefine ICAs
  • Monitor social platform for consumers ready to buy
  • Identify reputation issues
  • Local visibility improvements
  • Share relevant content to increase client engagement
  • Set up automated alerts when people mention your business​
  • Set up webinars
  • Respond to reviews and social media posts
  • Develop a strategy to increase reviews
  • Manage advertising on online marketplaces
  • Develop and manage site automations and workflows
  • Social Media Prospecting
  • Email Prospecting
  • Phone/Conference Sales

The Don'ts

  • Cover your ad spend, but we also don't take a percentage of it either
  • Door-to-door sales
  • Any tasks listed in other service types
Frequently Asked Questions

We answer your burning Queries...

Can you guarantee ROI?

If anyone tells you they can guarantee ROI or any amount of concrete sales, fire them. They are telling fibs 😩. While we work very strategically to decrease ad spend while increasing ROI, by optimizing for best targeting and ad performance, we cannot make people purchase with you, nor can we manage the intangibles (like the time it takes someone to purchase or your team's closing rate). We are all eager to gain more than we spend, and this takes some work, effort, time, and money. We have the first 3 if you can take care of the latter!

Do you take a percentage of sales?

Nope! We're not going to do you like that! We believe that when you grow, you'll just need more team members and that is how we grow with you. One exception though: merchandising and ghostwriting. For these, you'll need a merchandising license (which is included in our white-labeling license) to be able to sell our designs in marketplaces, even your own. See checkout for details.

Are the reviews you get for me legit?

Yes, indeed! We have a network of people eager to try new things and provide feedback.

What types of payment do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB, and Diners Club) and sometimes PayPal on our website. We do not accept cash or checks. If you prefer to save money by avoiding online payment processing fees, reach out to our billing department in your dashboard to request ACH payment processing.

Can I speed up standard turnaround times?

While we are working as [humanly] fast as possible without rushing, to avoid mistakes and sloppy work, you can do one of two things to speed up turnaround times:

  • Bring clear project details, instructions, and vision to decrease the likelihood of multiple revisions
  • Purchase another team member or package and they will collaborate on your project together

How can I get help if I need it?

  • You can ring our line at 833-300-0475.
  • You can also email us at help@n3worth.com.
  • We have a messaging feature inside the n3tworth Client Dashboard so if you already signed up, the best way to reach us is inside the portal.
  • You can use the onboarding and wiki docs located inside the dashboard.
  • You can even schedule a video call with us if you need to after chatting with an agent. Logged in users will find the booking button as soon as they log in. New users can visit our Calendar.

Check out our process

In 5 easy steps, we’ll qualify you, match you with a skilled team based on your needs and budget, onboard and train you (where necessary), start taking on your tasks, then we’ll execute and monitor for quality assurance.

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