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Sparked by civic vision recognizing how vital nonprofits are in strengthening our communities, the Regional Access Project Foundation (RAP) identified a need for programs and services that would empower nonprofits to become more efficient and effective. Nonprofit Organization Centric (NPO Centric) was founded in 2016 to provide essential tools, knowledge, and skills to help nonprofits build their capacity and become vibrant and sustainable organizations.

NPO Centric is committed to being at the center of all things nonprofit – providing the most current information and resources, offering essential education and training, and building and strengthening leadership and sustainability.


Marketing objectives to Augment


Our primary objective was to rebrand and reinvigorate the organization's culture, drive more engagement and actions to the flagship program, and develop long-term strategies for increased revenue.



Fine-tune Brand Identity

  • Rebrand the organization to avoid copyright issues and to speak to the company's overall mantra.
  • Recreate the entire website design and membership feature, injected with SEO, copywriting, ongoing blog writing, and content creation.
  • Construct accompanying social media graphics and print materials.

Deploy Email and Funnel Marketing Strategies

  • Upgrade the look and tonality of the weekly newsletter.
  • Add appropriate call-to-actions within email sequences and organize and segment contacts using a CRM.
  • Create a Facebook group with a funnel strategy to grow the email list.
  • Drive traffic to landing pages with lead magnets and upsells to increase sales.

Develop Omni-channel Products

  • Create seven new low-ticket products to be pushed throughout social, email list, and membership.
  • Sell products across marketplaces for increased reach.


Targeted SEO traffic for High-Volume Keywords

Our approach led to top positions (#1) in Google Local search for six essential keywords and four for SERP, bringing more direct organic traffic (an increase of 79% in engaged sessions). The organization was not ranking before then.

Grew Email List with a More Effective Retention Plan

Our approach doubled the email list in one quarter while decreasing the number of unsubscribes by segmenting the list. Users were also asked exit questions to gauge a better user experience. Much of this growth also crossed over into increased membership and product sales.