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The Team

Brandyss Adams

CEO, Designer

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I oversee all functions of building your net worth as well as assist the team as needed. I’ve been in the design and marketing world since 2008 and I just enjoy seeing things grow and reach its full potential.
How it all started...

Just like many worthy women and men with a dream, we started from the bottom and now

We're here!

Although our skill sets span decades and precede us, 2015 marked the start of n3tworth (formerly ND Artistry). Design, branding, and business was always a natural part of the founder's daily repertoire. Admittedly, this began as a hobby many moons ago but someone saw enough pizzazz in our pen to ask, "Hey can you do that for me and how much?" We're here not just because we can be, but because it benefits our community to do so!

Continued growth...

It all changed into something palpable, something substantial, after undergoing an Internet marketing and millionaire mentorship that same year. It gave the company the technical and spiritual strength to continue providing high quality services and delivering results.

The company re-branded days before 2019 commenced, to better explain the all-encompassing service list. As n3tworth began to grow, it became a remarkable beast of its own, doling out more than just pretty graphics, but creating powerful brands and hundreds of thousands of revenue for its clients!

Our Motto

We are...

N^1 - The Power of One: We never want you to feel like we're money hungry. Yes, we have to keep the lights on, but more importantly, we have to keep turning you on! Our staff are trained in the etiquette of humanity as we take a one-on-one approach to business. We actually really do care about the people who trust our work.

N^2 - The Power of Two:  We nourish and cultivate management, autonomy, and independent thought in our company so that their creativity harmoniously aligns with yours. It's your brand and ideas; we're just ready to bring them to life. Only together can we continue to expand.

N^3 - The Power of Three:  The aphorism is true: anything we put our minds to do, we do! We love to learn so if you bring a project to us that isn't already listed in our great compendium of services, we'll recommend or just flat out hire someone to get it done. We team up with equally impressive third-party vendors, service providers, and community leaders to ensure your imminent success!

Our Mission

To uphold the highest standard of service and brand-management quality for any business in any niche or industry. n3tworth strives to put more money back in the pockets of business owners with advanced design, marketing techniques, and solutions.

Your business is our business!

Joshua Armstrong


I have been drawing since I could remember, from cartoons to tattoos and logos. As a left-handed individual, I’m always coming up with astonishing ways to ‘wow’ my clients.
Matthew Heick


I work the bulk of your technical maintenance as well as provide coding that is inventive, clean, and functional. I keep up-to-date with all HTML, Javascript and coding technology.

Do you have any Super Powers that can impress our brand and that of our clients'?

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