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Web Critic: St Paul Towing Service

Web Critic: St Paul Towing Service
July 19, 2019

This will be the first installment of, I hope, many many many critiques of local businesses anywhere. What I do here at n3tworth is so deeply rooted in figuring out the best way to solve problems for businesses who could use a helping hand. The idea is not to drag these business owners in the mud, but more so, to wash them clean of any impurities found. This will help them, and maybe you, out in the long run!

The Subject

St Paul Towing Service offers everything you need to get your vehicle off the road safely, from roadside assistance to emergency service, 24/7 they are around!

The Grades

The Ups

  • Their website is easy to navigate and you can request a free quote online.
  • The site is responsive.
  • The business name itself is PERFECT for SEO as it is optimal length and includes a popular search string for that niche.
  • A site audit shows very little issue (only 7%) with SEO stuff (like heading tags, ALT attributes, duplicate content, etc.).

The Downs

  • There are many, but the first thing I saw was the lack of brand design (website seems cluttered, there's no favicon, and no definitive color scheme). While Google SERP doesn't care for how cute and well put together your brand is, I'm sure your potential customers do.
  • The site needs more listings and correct listings.
  • Not a lot of activity on social platforms
  • Not enough reviews
  • The site is low ranking in Google for high volume keywords.

We suggest

  • A redesign - they can get this done under a Support & Maintenance package for as little as $350/mo! This also includes everything they'll need for their SEO
  • Update listings and add more - If they don't want to fix everything, they can just couple a Premium Listings package with a Local Listings & Citations package so that all of their directory mentions are never few and always correct. Check out why this tiny task makes a big impact:

If you want to know the ups and downs of YOUR business and figure out how your competitors are beating you and taking money out of YOUR pocket, sign up for a FREE Snapshot Report and we'll tell you! Whether you hire us to help you out or you pass, knowledge is, indeed, power :)