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How long does it take to build a website?

How long does it take to build a website?
July 19, 2019

Traditionally, web design would take 12-16 weeks (which costs you more money) with drawn-out meetings with multiple hands involved (which costs you more money), and testing and retesting bloated, outdated code (which costs you substantially more money). But we've come a long way from those days...

n3tworth employs the use of advanced technologies and software that decreases the amount of time needed for web design and development as well as the bodies needed to do it. Those time and cost savings are happily passed on to you.


In order to launch a complete, professional website, ready to take over its niche, we will need approximately 4-6 weeks to complete the project. We will need longer, if and only if, we are awaiting your feedback. We won’t move forward on any step in the project without your approval.

Here's a brief synopsis of the timeline:


There are 7 main phases in web design and development:

  1. Research | On Days 1-6 | We scour the internet galaxy for a competitive edge and to gauge upwards trends.
  2. Wireframes/Mockup | On Days 7-10 | Wireframes are like blueprints that will illustrate the aesthetics of the site.
  3. Content Writing | On Days 11-14 | We'll write your content for you and source good graphics that convert!
  4. Design Development and Implementation | On Days 15-38 | Add content, style and class, as well as other hand-coded items.
  5. Present Finished prototype | On Day 39 | The final look is here! And any last minute thoughts are warranted
  6. Testing, Review, Training | On Days 40-41 | We'll make sure it's responsive and teach you how to manage your site.
  7. Site Goes Live! | On Day 42 | And everyone's happy, The End.

Total Time: 4-6 weeks

When can you start?

That really depends on a couple of things:

  • Are we already booked with other clients? If we have our hands tied, you may end up waiting 1-4 weeks before we can even begin. But most times you'll be seen right away. We make sure to staff accordingly and have excellent time management skills :)
  • Do you have the available capital? We can't really work without pay (sucks I know) so once you order on our website, your project instantly goes in the queue. You'll receive an order form so we can get to know all the finer details of your project. Once we can confirm payment and order form, your Project Start Date ensues. Tip: You can fill out the order form prior to payment, we won't mind :)

When can I see the design?

Oftentimes, our clients have a web design in mind from something they've seen before, maybe their competitors' sites, or they just dreamed up an idea they want to see materialized. Either way, we pride ourselves in making dreams come true :) If that's you, then feel free to order right away and we'll meet and exceed your expectations!

If you are on the fence (either about what you want or about us), you can start with a mockup of your website, if browsing our web portfolio or custom templates wasn't enough. Keep in mind, if you order a mockup, you are adding up to 2 weeks to the design schedule so plan accordingly.

But after we officially start, you won't be able to see the design until we have, at the very least, the homepage complete. This will give you a more holistic idea of the progress. But after that milestone, you'll be given a special link where you can view the progress real-time, anytime! You'll also have access to Project tasks in your Client Dashboard so you can keep up with what we're doing and what we plan on doing next.

And that's how long web design takes!

For more questions, please email help@n3tworth.com or chat with us right on the site!